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3508Mini Siam7
3509Bus Station4
2708Wat Kao Ploy Whan3
2645Khao Laem Singh Forest Park2
2642Ao Khung Krabane Nature Trend Board Walk2
2657Phliu Waterfall2
2661Ma Kok Waterfall2
2660Trok Nong Waterfall2
3507lek hotel2
3376Pattaya Airpark1

Top 10
862Central World Plaza / 繷Ŵ ҫ2354
347Rajamangala University of Technology Thewet Campus / ʶҺѹ1949
2806ʶҹբ觪ź ()1193
775Q. House Asoke / ȡ1093
1290Ko Phi м1070
3657Regent House Rajdamri / Ҥਹ950
3812Center One Mall765
3655Siam Tower644
244Thai Farmer Bank .ԡ634

͹ӡҧ ź (Ҫ)

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ٹ ȷ. (873 meters) - Ҫ Ѵǹ (Ѵҧ) (901 meters) - Temple
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;оطԧ (ͧ) (975 meters) - Temple ..šѹҹء (994 meters) - Education

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